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rok Kombucha

rok was created by The Local Drinks Co Margaret River in 2015. Why? Because of a passion for beverages that are fun, functional, great tasting, authentic and better for you. Because they wanted to have access to everyday beverages their own family could drink; premium beverages crafted from locally sourced ingredients with no nasties or added sugar. Today, rok is still made by hand, still made in Margaret River, still made without compromise.

Ginger Pop

Ginger Pop

Berry Beats

Berry Beats

Passionfruit Rap

Passionfruit Rap

What is Kombucha?

Shout it out Kom-boo-cha!

A premium functional beverage crafted from ancient traditions. Kombucha is a fermented brewed tea enriched with immune-boosting probiotic bacteria, beneficial yeasts, and live digestive enzymes, promoting gut health and overall well-being. Made through a meticulous fermentation process over approximately three weeks, kombucha transforms into a fizzy probiotic drink, offering a delicious and refreshing way to support your health.

Why choose rok Kombucha?

rok is not your average brew – it's an authentic elixir crafted to exacting standards by none other than award winning winemakers who truly get the fermentation game. With their expertise, every bottle of rok is a testament to quality and taste that will leave your taste buds begging for more!

From 2015 to 2024

rok Kombucha - Margaret River's own bubbles with benefits.

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