Ginger Pop

Ginger & Lemon

Authentic kombucha infused with cold pressed ginger and lemon

330 ml x 8 Carton

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Filtered pure Margaret River water, certified organic white and green tea, cold-pressed ginger, cold-pressed lemon, kombucha culture.

Take our classic rok, add a healthy dose of cold-pressed ginger and lemon, and you’re ready to pop it like it’s hot with this subtly spicy number.

Got an upset tummy; feeling a bit nauseous; sore or inflamed muscles; just want a refreshing pick me up? Get some ginger in ya and you’ll be on the fast track to smile town. Our ginger pop rok doesn’t just taste great, it is great for you, helping to treat nausea, reduce muscle pain, lower blood pressure and help ease indigestion pains.

*Note this product will be delivered ambient by Australia Post. Please place in fridge as soon as received.

100% Kombucha (Margaret River water, white* and green tea*, evaporated cane juice*, cold-pressed ginger and lemon*, wild kombucha culture), carbon dioxide bubbles, *certified organic.

…by the way

We make all our drinks locally in Margaret River, Western Australia.
We use only the highest quality ingredients. We don’t compromise. Ever.
We care about your health.

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